Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why so blue, panda bear?

So I've got bad news...and more bad news. Let's hear it all at once, shall we? Okay, cool.
For starters my laptop was stolen WHILE I was on campus and IN CLASS! Ridiculous, right?? I know. And then today while attempting to take outfit photos (for the first time in ages) I realized I left my memory card in my laptop. Meaning of course that I am completely and totally screwed.

All things considered, I think it's safe to say that this blog is going to suffer from lack of attention for awhile. I hope to hear some news from security on my laptop soon. So please you guys, send some kind thoughts, good luck, or prayers my way. I need 'em real bad.

Hope y'all are doing better than I am. I wanted to post something of inspiration on here, the above are things/looks I'm lusting over lately.


  1. Oh, no!!!!!! I'm so sorry. What a jerk! Hope your laptop explodes on him.

  2. Oh LAME. I hope security has video footage. That would be the pits. I am sending 400kgs of good luck to you.

  3. Oh no! that really sucks! How did that even happen? Don't worry too much though. Whoever stole your laptop is gonna get it bad sooner or later thanks to karma;)

    xx raez

  4. How awful!!
    I'm so sorry, I hope the person who stole it gets what's coming to them.

    Such a terrible violation of privacy and common decency. If you can't feel safe at school then where?

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Oh so sorry to hear about your laptop being stolen, that's a bunch of crap! So rude : (

  6. your blog is really amazing and this post is really special!
    check out my blog ;)

  7. So sorry to hear that! It's so terrible and inconsiderate of the thief. I know, because while I was living on residence someone broke into my room and stole my laptop. Hope you're at least done exams and didn't have all your important notes on there. Hope security is able to retrieve it for you one way or another

  8. Love the boho-hippie inspirations above. Hope you are having a better week this week!
    It's such a pain and a nuisance. And really hope you'll get it back ;)


  9. What the hell?! That's AWFUL about your laptop, so sorry. :( People are assholes.

  10. oh my. may karma bite that thief in the ass hard. tsk3
    i hope everything will turn out fine soon.

  11. Dang so sorry to hear about your laptop ughh who DOES that?!