Sunday, January 16, 2011


Bad news bears. I'm being forced to go on hiatus for awhile, due to complications.
Without having a laptop available on a regular basis it's just too difficult to keep up with blogging. I hate to do this but I'll disappear for now. Upon graduation I will have another laptop (fingers crossed) so in a few months, I'll be back to my regular posts.

I'll try my best to follow everyones' blogs the best I can, comment when I'm able and all that jazz.
Sorry to abandon you guys but best of luck to all!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just a quick hello

I gotta say I was blown away from all the responses to my last post, so let me just say thank you!!! I've got some exciting things coming up, including a healthy, tasty, super easy recipe. Yesterday I drove back to my apartment and since I spent the majority of the day (5 hours!) in the car, I didn't take any outfit pictures. And since I'm still without my laptop I'm posting this on my phone. Dedication, no?

Don't fret, Neil gets here today & we'll shoot many looks. I'll be back 'up and running' by tomorrow. I'm going to take a second to be all girly & corny, I can not WAIT to see my boyfriend. I was home for over a month...its the longest we've gone without seeing each other since the summer that we started dating.

Okay. The week is almost over, hope everyone is doing well. Get ready for the weekend!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The magic of thrifting

Swear to goodness I had a super cute outfit on yesterday, but I didn't have time (okay, make time) to shoot any photos. And I had another great look today but it's cold here and it's far too cloudy to take any decent pictures.

What does that mean for you guys? It means you get to see, as promised, some of the things I've thrifted lately. Yay! (Be forewarned- this post is super photo heavy).

Okay everybody, this is where good becomes great. The pink 60's style jacket and the striped button up? $0.99 each. Yep, you read right people! And most of the other things came from one of my favorite stores that was having a buy 1/get 1 free sale. AND best of all...*drumroll please* the stuff seen here isn't everything. That's right, there's more! The weekend's just about over and it's the last week before school starts up again. Hope the weekend went well for you all!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Better late than never

I LOVED this outfit so much, can't believe I waited this long to post it. Wore this on Sunday and didn't wanna take it off. The entire thing, well except for my tights, was thrifted. I picked up the skirt, shoes and top since I've been home, thankfully the thrift stores here are always well stocked with treasures.

The best part? The skirt was brand new, with the Target price tag still intact. I know the print is kinda hard to see, but it reminds me of a, red, white and mustard yellow splotches, super festive.

And can we puh-leeease talk about the shoes for a minute? Antonio Melani's with hardly ANY wear (no scuff marks or anything), 5 freaking bones. Now that's what I call a bargain!

Tomorrow I'm planning to show off all the items I've scored lately, including detailed shots of these shoes. Check back & see the goodness.

Jacket- thrifted
Top- thrifted
Skirt- thrifted
Tights- ?
Shoes- thrifted

Monday, January 3, 2011

Black, white & hum-drum all over

Nothing special here, just a jeans and vneck (plus sweater) kind of day. Went to a couple of appointments and then just hung out around the house. This necklace was a Christmas present from my relatives and it's so darn cool! The wings are extremely detailed and it's delicate while still making a statement, the perfect balance.

About the boots- I don't know why I haven't posted these before, I mean I wear them all the time for heavens' sake! After months of searching for the 'perfect' short(er) boots, I stumbled upon these little guys on sale at Kohl's....and then fell in love. They're absolutely perfect.

Necklace- gifted (Fossil)
Sweater- stolen (borrowed) from my sweet roomie
Vneck- Walmart
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Kohl's

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Round 2

Where were we?

6. Be financially savy- I've never been incredibly good at saving money, but so help me I'm going to try my damn-dest. (wait, is that even a word??)

7. Rest- You know, in all my spare time...but honestly I never get enough sleep and after a few months of it, I'm hell to be around. Don't believe me? Just ask this guy!

8. Live for the here & now- Spontaniety is not one of my strongest points and I wish it were. I hope to seize the day, make it count, all that jazz.

9. Okay people, the show's over. I don't have 3 more ideas/plans, etc. So that's it, I'm done. Disappointed? Don't be! I'm sure I'll come up with more as the year progresses.

Was everyones weekend a good one? I hope so!
See you all tomorrow :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

So This is the New Year

In honor of the new year I thought I'd list 11 things that I'm looking forward to, or planning to make happen in the year of 2011.

1. GRADUATION!!! I'll be starting my final semester of college in a couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier. Taking 18 hours is going to be hell, but well worth it to know that I'll graduate on time (4 years)!

2. Moving- following graduation I'll be headed to a bigger and much better city, and will be living with my man. I'm already bursting with decorating ideas, what furniture I want....a girl can dream, right??

3. Getting a real job- I hope to get some sort of a job in a theater, possibly assistant director (fingers crossed!) and plan to make my living doing that. Mreal dream is to do nothing but act however I have to start somewhere and 'get my foot in the door'.

4. Transformation time- Although I try to eat healthier and exercise more at the start of EVERY new year (and lets be honest, who doesn't?!) I'm dedicated to sticking with it this time. The older I get the more I realize that I can't keep putting this sort of thing of. So I'm getting my butt in gear!

5. Blogging changes- My plan is to post much, much more. Posting still may not happen every day but if I can work up to every other day I feel like that's a huge improvement, no?

Okay this thing is getting a little longer than I'm comfortable with, so I'll finish up tomorrow and pick up at #6. Hope everyone had a wonderful NYE and here's to a magical year ahead *clinks imaginary wine glass* Cheers!