Monday, November 29, 2010

Since yesterday

So this outfit is nothing great, but I've been under the weather lately and therefore....well, I didn't give a shit yesterday.  This week is going to be a whirlwind, what with finals next week and all that junk.  My hair is indeed lighter (as previously mentioned) and I couldn't be happier. (Thanks Mom!!)  I couldn't be more excited for the Christmas holiday, so I just have to hold it together until then.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Shades- the usual
Scarf- department store
Necklace- thrifted
Sweater- thrifted (by my Mom)
V neck- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Kohls

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Aftermath

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving yesterday. I stuffed myself silly and will continue to do so the remainder of my time at home (and I don't plan to feel guilty about it either). It's SO good to be back at my parents' house, I haven't been here in about 6 months and this time I brought Neil with me.

Today's plans include:
(1) Mom's highliting my hair!
(2) eateatcookeat!!
(3) watch movies!!!
(4) take outfit photos!!!!

And with that, I leave you all to enjoy your Friday. I spent the majority of Tuesday and ALLLL of Wednesday cleaning/organizing/sorting...I guess it's my version of spring cleaning, just you know, a couple of months late? Anyway, I thought I'd show off the 'fruits of my labor'. Til tomorrow you guys :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

New (and improved?)

These are a few of the pieces I've gotten recently. I wish I had an outfit post ready to go but we just finished a show and I'm completely wiped out. Rehearsals didn't take up too much time thankfully, but with a play that runs 2 weekends, there's just no time to spare.

However my first holiday break is coming up in a couple of days & I couldn't be more ready! That being said, I'll have loads of time to take photos (or, if we're being honest, make Neil take photos of me). After all that's what boyfriends are for, right??

Closing thoughts- I'm considering making the switch to Tumblr...any suggestions or comments from you wonderful ladies who stop by here?

 Lane Bryant (clearance)

 Salvation Army

 Target (clearance)

 Resale shop

Kohl's (clearance)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Not quite a lifetime

These photos were taken awhile ago....ages it seems, although it's probably only been a few weeks. I go on weekly lunch dates with my friend Kayla (who took my photos in the last post, as well as this one!) She's readily agreed to be my photographer on those days, what a woman!

Quick story about this dress. I have the one pictured here, as well as one in gray with navy blue flowers and I adore them both. So the other day while out shopping, I noticed that Kohl's had another version of the dress but in black with cream flowers, so obviously I HAD to buy it. The best part? Every one I've bought has been on clearance, so at most I've spent about $8 a piece. Now that's a habit I'd never break!

Sunglasses- you know where (ha!)
Dress- Kohl's
Sweater- Kohl's (Daisy Fuentes)
Tights- Wal Mart
Boots- Target

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yikes! Stripes!

So this is a look I wore to lunch with one of my good friends (who took these photos, thanks Kayla!) last week. I scored this sweater at a thrift store and immediately fell in love. The jacket is something I'd almost forgotten about, but I love it paired with the sweater!

Sunglasses- my usual thrifted ones
Jacket- from my Mom
Sweater- Salvation Army
Jeans- Old Navy
Flats- Payless

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cold as Ice

It is SO good to be back "in action". I've missed you gals like crazy! Hope everyone is/has been doing well, life going grand and all that. It's finally starting to get cold here & there's nothing I love more than dressing for fall. (Well, okay I do love my man and a great record collection and a couple other things, but still....) That being said, I'm dying to layerlayerlayer anything and everything. These leggings are one of my favorite pairs and I knew this sweater would go with them perfectly. Have a wonderful rest of the week, gang.

Sunglasses- thrifted
Shirt- stolen from my Mom
Sweater- department store
Leggings- department store
Shoes- Target