Friday, December 3, 2010

How I Won the War

You guys I'm done with school for the semester!! Well technically I still have finals, but after turning in all the papers and projects the rest will be a breeze.  Wednesday is my last day to have a final and then I can go on holiday!

Neil took these pictures of me when we were driving back from my house at Thanksgiving.  I found this collar on an old jacket that I'd completely forgotten about & found buried in the back of my closet (in my old room at home).  Thank God I never get rid of anything, right? And this jacket is one of my favorite things that I own. I found it in a flea market back when I was in high school and I actually has the man's name on it and everything. Cool, huh?

Collar- gift from a friend
Jacket- thrifted
Sweater- stolen from my roomie (thanks Hallie!)
Vneck- Walmart
Jeans- Target
Boots- Kohl's


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  2. So cool! i think collars like this are making a huge comeback

  3. congrats on finishing the semester! now it's time for fuuuuuun!

    xx raez

  4. Gorgeous outfit!!!!! girl you look stunning!

  5. congrat.
    wonderful outfit by the way.

  6. Adore your jacket. Military chic for the win!

  7. Nothing better than the feeling of being on break from school - absolutely no stress!