Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Falling for Fall

So I considered scouring the internet for an undefined amount of time to hunt for pictures, thereby creating the typical "Fall lust" list.  However a half hour later, I changed my mind.  I'll be honest, it's been a long day and I'm tired (i.e. LAZY).  That being said, I'm instead going to type out what items I'm hoping/planning to add to my closet in the months to come, along with some pictures to get myself, and others (you lovely followers!), in the mood for chillier days.

1. Leather ankle boots (in brown & black)
2.Army green jacket (you know the kind)
3. Extravagant jewelry (bold colors/details)
4. Leather jacket that fits like a glove (any color)
5. Slim fit trousers (to be cuffed at the ankles)

*more to come I'm sure.



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  2. I love your choices, I am sooooo ready for fall and ready to wear layers and textures!

  3. The leather yes! I found one a month ago on sale and was so happy. Can't wait to wear it!

  4. the last dress is great :D
    have a nice day!
    DaisyLine from

  5. adore the last dress too ! gorgeous !

  6. i'm craving some leather boots as well.

  7. Ahh, love this collection
    Amazing colours and textures :)
    Vanilah xx

  8. Couldn't agree more, leather ankle boots are at the top of my list too!
    That second image is amazing!

  9. Okay, that last dress is way too cool! :D

  10. That dress is the stuff dreams are made of. GORGEOUS!